Waking up

What’s so special about the Enneagram?

I need to put this into words. People might not feel drawn to sign up for my Enneagram weekend based on my goofy blabber. But how do I define the miracle of waking up from my personality?

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Let's not go there

2021 11 Violence1

"Let's not go there" is a sensible thing to say when walking past a MacDonald’s. But for most of us, most of the time, it’s the worst advice ever. Today, let’s go there. Let’s go to the place we try so hard to avoid. Let’s become emotionally honest


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The missing ingredient in self-care

If there's one thing I believe in whole-heartedly, it's self-care. Your body, emotions, spirituality, relationships and work life are all vital for a full and happy life. It seems rather silly and short-sighted to neglect these things and hoping for the best. But self-care would be an interesting hobby at best, and annoying self-obsession at worst, if it was all about you.

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Shame Part 1: People must never know

Shame is huge.

It’s at the core of countless psychological problems, from depression to addiction to personality disorders. It's widely recognised as a crippling emotion. Yet, in my own life, shame was eerily absent. Eerily, because how does one avoid shame if your starting point was to be born so sinful that you deserved to burn in hell for all eternity? 


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There's a psychic in my bed

Personality types have always fascinated me. Mostly, of course, my own personality. How do I relate to people? How do I respond in conflict? How do I show love? To what extent do I include others in my life? In short, who am I, really?

I can tell you all about the MBTI, the Big Five, Jung, 16PF, and many other well-researched personality assessments. Nothing much wrong with them. But I have discovered the best one of them all. It is spot on. Brutally honest. As balanced or unbalanced as you are. It accurately describes your light and your shadow sides – a spectacular display of your very best and very worst characteristics.

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