We all want a heartfelt connection with our partners. We want to be seen and loved. But often we miss each other completely in our effort to get the connection we want.

Because we are mostly unaware of our own fears and motivations, we tend to ask for love in the most unhelpful ways. We work so hard to protect ourselves from wounds we don’t even realise we have, that we do more damage than good. The harder we fight blindly for our partner to see us, the more pain we experience, the more resentful we become, and the deeper we drive the relationship into the ground.

There is a way to love with compassion, kindness, and understanding. We are not bound to our repetitive, damaging relationship patterns. If we can truly understand, accept and appreciate ourselves, and we learn to understand our partner’s fears and needs, we develop a whole new connection. Then we have choice. As long as we live blindly, we respond blindly, and that keeps us stuck in the same relationship rut. But we can wake up to our personality, embrace it, and choose how to respond to our partners and our lives in healthy ways that serve us and those around us.

Using the Enneagram as a map to negotiate our way in the world liberates us from the prisons of our own making. It helps us to look at ourselves and our partners in a whole new light. It deepens self-awareness, compassion for our partner, and takes the relationship to an intimate level of shared understanding.

I offer two ways to enrich your relationship with the Enneagram. You can do either, or both.


Couples Enneagram Retreats

couples retreat

The first is our Couples’ Enneagram retreat. These are exquisite, 3-night getaways in a beautiful setting somewhere in the Garden Route, where you receive intensive teaching interspersed with couples’ time to process the learning as it applies to your unique relationship. Retreats are conducted in small groups, where you’ll never be obliged to share anything. All discussion about your relationship take place only between the two of you.

Keep an eye on my website and FB page, or subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to receive information about upcoming retreats.


Couples Enneagram Coaching

couples coaching

If you prefer a more personal approach, you'll enjoy Enneagram for Couples coaching. As a couple, you’ll be guided to explore your individual Enneagram types and the dynamics of these two types in relationship. The sessions have a workshop character, where the relevant knowledge and topics are explained, while self-exploration and sharing are mostly done in your own private time.

Sessions take place in Sedgefield or Knysna. We require approximately 6 sessions to cover the basics. Please enquire about rates.



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