Prof Kobus Maree talks about respectful career guidance. I like that. It’s not about me, my expertise or my ideas about the world of work. It’s about my client’s own heartbeat.

I usually follow a 3-step model. Firstly, through discussion, questionnaires, exercises and assessments, we explore your essence – what is important to you, what do you want from life, and what will make you happy. Then, clients are guided to identify careers that appeal to them. The last step is to put all of this together. We consider each of the identified careers in relation to your core being.

The model helps clients to consider how their preferred careers will meet their deepest needs and expectations. The beauty of this model is that it also provides clients with a life-long tool for decision-making. To know how to evaluate new information in relation to who you are, can be of infinite value in a world where change is a given.

The career guidance process consists of two sessions. The first session is the assessment, which usually takes 3 – 4 hours. (Please be prepared to miss at least some school time for this session.) The second part is a one-hour feedback session with the client and parent(s).

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