Why it takes courage to retreat

Who among us don’t feel a pull towards a peaceful weekend away, in a beautiful setting, with all the time in the world to do what we love doing? Women respond with so much heartfelt enthusiasm whenever I talk about our retreats. Yet, most of these women will never get so far as to book a retreat for themselves. If you feel hesitant, you are in good company. For many women, the barrier of resistance is surprisingly strong. As with most things in life that hold us back, the moment we can call it, it loses much of its power.

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This fishbowl has proper mothers

We’re smack bang in the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children initiative.  Already, I’m not coping. The stories in the media reduced my morning walk to a tearful crouch on a dirt road. A two-year old died from her injuries caused by rape – her mom’s boyfriend. What was that little girl’s two years on earth like, minute by miserable minute? The SAfm reporter, Cathy Mohlahlana, confessed her struggle to simply read out the gruesome details of recent ritual killings in KZN. And on and on it goes. Sorry, you thought this was about good mothers... I'm getting there.

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Digging for gold: How boys can make you strong

When I had small children, I used to wish upon all parents at least one impossible, hugely complicated offspring. Just so no-one would walk around with that “this-perfection-is-all-my-own-doing” smugness on their faces. I prefer the “I-have-no-clue-what-to-do-anymore” look, which I’m intimately familiar with. As my toddlers turned into teens, my evil wishes shifted onto a specific population of parents: those with daughters.

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I don't have a dream! The surprising outcome of uncertainty.

“When did you know that you wanted your own practice?” someone asked me the other day. “How long did you dream about it before it happened for you?” 

I rummaged through my grey matter files, going back to last year…five years ago…twenty years ago… Nope. Nothing. No such desires. No such dreams. What a shocking realisation: I’ve never had career dreams.

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Wat is in 'n droom

 Iemand vra my nou die dag: Wanneer het jy die eerste keer besef dat jy graag jou eie praktyk wil hê? Hoe lank het jy daaroor gedroom voordat dit ‘n werklikheid geraak het? 

Ek het benoud begin terugdink...laasjaar, vyf jaar, 20 jaar terug. My skokkende slotsom: Ek het nog nooit gedroom van my eie praktyk nie. Die waarheid is: Ek het nooit gedroom nie. 

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Covid career shock and our teens

Career shock is a thing. It existed before Covid-19: Retrenchment, losing a beloved boss, an earthquake. Now, on a global scale, Corona is in the leading position for career shock of note. It hurts us, and it hurts our kids who are poised to enter the career arena. How do we deal with the anger, frustration and uncertainty of Covid Career Shock?

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