IT or CAT?

So your child is interested in computers. Your school offers Information Technology (IT) and Computer Application Technology (CAT). Which one to choose?

Contrary to popular belief, CAT is not a ‘similar but easier version of IT’. The common advice to start with IT and then drop to CAT if you don’t cope, might apply if you don’t really care what you do, as long as there’s a screen in front of you. But if your interest in computers is slightly more specific, it’s a good idea to understand what these two subjects offer.

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Subject choice: To assess or not

It is that time of the year: The adorable little offspring who has turned into a not-always-so-adorable fully fledged teenager faces his first big decision: Which subjects to choose.

The mere thought can cause palpitations for any normal parent. Why? Because for us adults, subject choices are not as innocent as they seem. We pile on complex layers of implications and outcomes:

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