I am an HPCSA Registered Psychometrist, with a Masters’ Degree in Research Psychology, one Hons Degree in Psychology (cum laude) and another in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (cum laude).

I am an accredited Enneagram Practitioner and have been working as assessment specialist, workshop developer, facilitator and coach in my own practice since 2004. My practice is in the peaceful town of Sedgefield, halfway between George and Knysna.

In my professional life, I’ve become increasingly aware of how limited assessments can be in trying to make sense of life. We are so complicated and unique, so full of mystery and dreams and fears and yearnings. I know for certain that no person can be reduced to test scores. No heartfelt decisions could be based on the results of a standardised test.

My approach has become more intuitive. Even though I still use certain psychometric tests to inform decisions, I have learned to trust every person’s inner compass. We know what brings joy to our lives, and what steals it.

Now my joy is for others to start trusting their own intuition, with the certain knowledge that we have what it takes to build a beautiful life.

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